"The creation of artificial intelligence would be the greatest event in human history. But it could also be the ultimate."

Developing artificial intelligence skills in VET

AI is beginning to appear in education and training. What will it bring to teachers and trainers? What skills do they need? How can they empower learners, as citizens and as future workers?

Robots won't replace humans, they'll just make their work more human. Difficult, degrading, demanding, dangerous and boring tasks will be taken over by robots.

Project results

What do you want to achieve by implementing Skills4AI?

Skills4AI develops awareness of artificial intelligence among teachers, trainers and learners so that they are able to :

  1. understand the importance of a technology that is spreading fast in all the sectors, 
  2. know for which purposes it can be used in the different sectors (services, industry, communication, leisure…)
  3. develop a critical thinking regarding how it influences our personal and civic lives.

Skills4AI will help educators to forecast and implement AI for pedagogical purposes.

What activities are you going to implement?

Skills4AI will research, analyse and present reproductible AI use cases to help teachers considering their own applications.
It will build an open modular learning path validated by open badges to understand AI and forecast uses in their practices. 60
teachers and trainers will participate to the pilot training.
Skills4AI will elaborate 15 short videos with  learners to raise awareness of their peers regarding AI, in the different
spheres of the society : professional, personal and civic



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Greta Auvergne

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Project meeting
Pierre-Laurent Carrolaggi

Share your AI experience

Skills4AI has started to collect case studies showing how teachers and trainers are already using AI features in their work. It can be experimental or

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